21 Good Questions to ask a girl

21 Good Questions to ask a girl

How many times did you see her all by herself and start a conversation  but then you ask yourself  “what am I going to say to her now? I’m out of words,” or “how to continue the conversation?” Or “how to find a good topic of conversation”. This question is very important, because if you do not know the answer to them, it makes you feel uncomfortable when you talk to a girl. Sometimes it makes you feel insecure, … and maybe you will refrain from approaching the girls, just because you do not know what to say and what to speak.

The best way to create a real connection with someone is to learn what they do, as well as what they like. This means that the key to getting anyone open to knowing you is to identify the right questions to ask that particular person. You have to let them know that you are genuinely interested in their lives by showing it, and asking questions that would inspire or motivate them further to pursue their interests. Here are 21 good questions to ask a girl and spark her self-discovery. I hope these questions will inspire fantastic conversations and help you get to know her, as well as yourself, on a deeper level.

1. What is your happiest childhood memory?

This will probably lead to a poignant exchange about family, holidays, travel, friendships, hopes and dreams. It is easy to draw someone in by sharing aspects of their childhood.

2. What do you feel proud of the most?

Everyone desires to feel proud and accomplished, and we all look for opportunities to share our successes without looking like braggarts.

3. What inspired you to choose that profession?

Trying to find out how she chose her professional open the door to learning about her education, interests, motivations and ambitions.

4. Who do you admire most in life?

Girls admire people whose character and actions reflect what they want in themselves. This should tell you a lot about her true character.

5. What skill would you like to learn and why?

She probably has something she wants to add to her life either for self-improvement or simple enjoyment. This questions will give her the chance to share that desire.

6. What’s your best personal quality?

While these questions would probably cause her some discomfort because she wants to appear modest, she actually likes it when someone validates her positive qualities and would probably follow this up by asking a similar question about you. This will create a bond with positive feelings between the two of you.

7. What travel destination do you crave the most?

This will not only allow you to share and discus your travel experiences, but also get her to open up about her personality, interests and sense of adventure.

8. What would you change in life if you had a chance to start over?

Her answers will reveal a lot about her hopes, dreams and vulnerabilities. In many cases, sharing unmet desires and interests opens doors to considering new possibilities and give her the confidence she needs to make positive changes.

9. What is your favorite hobby?

This rounds up the picture of how she has structured her life and what interests, hobbies and obligations keep her grounded.

10. What scares you the most?

Everyone has something they fear and in many cases, it is these fears that reveal their pain and vulnerabilities. If she chooses to share this with you, you have to respond with kindness, care and trustworthiness. Ensure that you treat this information with dignity to make her feel safe connecting with you more intimately.

11. What ae your best three favorite books

This question inspires interesting questions and makes it easy to find common ground between you. It also gives her the chance to learn something new by potentially learning a new interest or perspective you have pursued.

12. How old do you feel right now and why?

As we get older, we stop feeling our chronological age. It is always enlightening to share how we perceive ourselves internally even though we may be at a completely different stage in life externally.

13. Are you spiritual?

While spirituality may not be important for most people, it is still one of the most important questions to ask a girl. Religious talk is generally discouraged when meeting someone for the first time but it is important to talk about things that she potentially cares about.

14. What do you see when you imagine yourself twenty years from now?

While this question may feel like a job interview, it can reveal a lot about her if you ask it the right way – and inspire her as well to make changes that would help actualize a satisfying future.

15. What is the hardest lesson life had to teach you?

We all get knocked down sometime and may feel like giving up. While these days are always painful getting he to talk about them and reveal her struggles and development may just be the stimulus she needs for a new awakening.

16. What do you value he most in life?

You have values, and the girl you are dating has them too. Talking about them with someone else is a good way to reinforce them as it provides much needed validation.

17. What are you most grateful for in life?

It has been proven that one can only be truly happy in life if they are grateful for the things they already have. This is not to say that she should give up on her goal s and stop improving herself since this is absolutely essential for personal fulfillment.

18. What would you do if you were rich and famous?

Would she spend go about spending e money on expensive toys or use her forum to help people and promote good and valuable projects? This is a good question to get her thinking about doing positive things in life.

19. What do you want to accomplish before you die?

Many people have a number of things they would like to do before they die. Asking this question will instantly create a connection with them. It also triggers a thirst for action and a sense of adventure.

20. What’s you secret?

We all have our little secrets, things we are yet to share with anyone else – and we would readily share them when someone who inspire us comes along.

21. What does love feel like to you?

Everyone has their own idea of what love is. This includes the behaviors, words, actions and attitudes that make them feel loved. This is among the best questions to elicit romantic thoughts in a potential partner.