back pain at work

How to handle back pain that results from your work

Is there a correlation between your work and your back pain? Definitely yes.

Many people complain of back pain following work. In fact, back pain is among the leading causes of occupational diseases and absenteeism.

The relationship between the nature of work and back pain was examined in quite a few studies, which showed that the incidence of back pain among workers whose work involved a higher physical effort than workers in similar work did not include physical effort. But do not be mistaken. Back pain is not only the property of workers in strenuous physical work. The period in which we live, with all the stress it brings, does not save back pain even from workers who perform static acts of prolonged standing or sitting. And so, if you work, for example, many hours in office work that requires prolonged sitting in front of a computer or in front of clients – you are likely to have back pain. Even if you wear high heels at work and are moved from here to there, it is likely that back pain problems will not be long in coming.

Our daily conduct is saturated with stress, both in work and in personal life. So much to do and so little time and power. Attempts to synchronize so many fields leave us no time and certainly does not make us calmer. The concern for livelihood and the household economy, work, maintenance of the relationship, concern for the children – all together creates stress and emotional stress that ultimately lead to physical damage in the form of backache.

So How to handle back pain that results from you work

There are all sorts of ways to deal with back pain. Conventional medicine offers ointments for temporary relief of pain and pills for pain relief. This is only a superficial solution, which does not solve the problem, but represses it.

It is very important to deal with back pain in a deep way so that the condition does not worsen and become destructive and irreversible. Alternative medicine offers all kinds of effective and natural solutions for the treatment of back pain. When you go to the alternative medicine clinic for treatment for back pain, you must first diagnose the cause of the pain – what the pain is from. Please pay special attention to what kind of boots you are going with. Uncomfortable or small work shoes can cause severe damage to your spine over time. That’s why its so important to choose the best one available in the market.  You can read here how to find the best work boots.

If the patient complains of severe pain that is not known, it is not recommended to give treatment before deciding exactly what the problem is, so as not to cause harm to the patient’s body.

Assuming that the back pain is external, such as prolonged walking on high heels, strenuous work, prolonged standing or prolonged sitting in front of a computer, massage with aromatic oils will be very effective. Aromatic oils massage includes a variety of aromatic oils that are suitable for the treatment of back pain and muscle pain. Aromatic massage actually relieves back pain, it helps to release muscles that are occupied and creates a sense of calm and tranquility.