9 Important tips for cleaning your above ground pool pool

The hot summer days can be truly amazing if you are using an above ground pool. But if we do not clean it regularly and properly, then our great pleasure can easily stay on green water and algae. And the more we expect, the harder it will be to make it clean again.

Therefore, we now have some easy-to-follow advice to ensure that your pool medal is clear throughout the summer and can be well served for many years.

The first and foremost advice is to clean the pool regularly. This way, though you spend more time, but you need to spend less time cleaning it. For example, a chemical is needed every day if you do not want to be algae.
Pour the chemical into the pool while the water reversing system goes. If you do not have one, you can do one thing: you mix up the chemicals by walking around for a few minutes in the pool.
Spice it often. If nobody uses it, it does not spin the water, so it smells with time, it gets dirty. Against this, one of the best weapons is the use. Well, if there is no water filtering device.
If you are green with water, you will probably be algae with water. Water filtering and chemical cleaning are also good, but most people swear by a simpler and cheaper solution: salt. It softens water and is good against algae too.

Water purifiers can be good for cleaning water. However, this is good for the dirt underneath.

A better solution is the a pool cleaning robot, but it skips to collect more dirt on the top of the water, such as the leaves.

You can also chlorate the pool, this is one of the best cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. But pay attention to the ratio, because if you use too much, it will block the growth of bacteria found in the water, but your skin will be dumbfounded! This is worth doing in the morning, even before you use it, or in the evening when no one will ever bathe in. It is recommended twice a week to do this.
If you do not use the pool, cover it. Also in the summer, in winter. Let’s trust you with what kind of blanket means, the point is to protect the pool somewhat from dirt.

If you have left home for several days and there is no one to cleanse the pool, you should be shocked. This means that you will triple your usual daily chemicals to the pool, meaning you overdose the chemical. Then turn on the water shaker and cover the pool. So you can leave it for as long as 3 to 5 days and you do not have to worry about algae. Before re-use, however, check the pH value for proper use.

You’ve been able to pour green water so far on plants. The vinegar water does not do good to them. You can all use it for weeding and cleaning the tiles.

If the grass is fouled, it can damage it. Then place the pool on the pavement or in a place where it does not matter if it splashes on the plants.