menstrual period

How to shorten your menstrual period

menstrual period

A woman’s period usually lasts for a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 7. This difference is due to hormonal activity that varies from one woman to another. A menstrual cycle that lasts longer than 5 days can be quite depressing and in truth this depression can make the whole experience a gruesome one. Though elongated bleeding is harmless a woman may feel the need to shorten her period. Discussed below are proper ways on how to shorten (or stop) your period.

How to shorten your period medically

+ Try oral contraceptives: Oral contraceptives have proven to have more positive effects in combating feminine problems. These pills are made up of man made hormones (estrogen and progesterone) a pill a day for 21 days will help bring your body to optimum hormonal activity which will restore your bleeding to lesser days. If you choose this method you need to seek medical advice first for proper guidance from your doctor.

+ Other contraceptives: Like the pill other contraceptives do work to suppress an extended period regimen. Injectable hormone contraceptive, vaginal rings, intrauterine device and contraceptive patches are some of the common methods that can be applied to shorten a period but they should be used with the consent of a physician.

+ Non hormonal medication: A non hormonal drug that has been approved by FDA in the treatment of elongated bleeding is Lysteda. This drug works through stabilizing a protein that aids in blood clotting. The drug dosage is 3 pills a days for 5 days until the end of the menstrual cycle.

5 ways to shorten your period naturally

+ Exercise: A regular exercise regime before and during your periods can shorten the length drastically. Exercise will strengthen the pelvic muscles thus treating irregular periods and making the blood flow much lighter and manageable.

+ Stay hydrated: Being a healthy woman who exercises regularly can help but to further target a shorter period, you should drink plenty of fluids especially water. Avoid sugary foods, caffeine and alcohol as these products tend to interfere with the body’s hormonal processes.

+ Eat healthy foods throughout and most especially during your period: During your period, you can eat certain foods like green leafy vegetables, fish products, legumes, nuts and fruits. You can also avoid fatty foods which can distraught your period making it heavier and longer.

+ Drink red raspberry tea: Raspberry is a herb that has been famed for many remedies amongst them the answer to a much toned uterus which suits the menstrual cycle in making it lighter and shorter. Drink a cup of raspberry tea once a week before your period for better results.

+ Using reusable products for your period: Many women who have actually used reusable products like the menstrual cup testify to having shorter and lighter periods as opposed to when they used disposable products.

As a woman your period is your heritage do not leave anything to chance if you notice any problems. Consulting your gaenacologist regularly can better equip you with the proper ways of dealing with the changes that often come with womanhood.