Special for men: how to make my dick bigger ?


If an undersized penis is a worry, take note! There are exercises to help increase the size of your penis. You don’t have to feel less empowered anymore, and you can improve your sexual performance with a new improved size.

The Benefits of Doing Exercises:

Apart from being free, exercises do not only give a single benefit, but these also improve a man’s overall reproductive health. There have been research studies that showed how exercising to increase one’s penis size also improved prostate health among men who are experiencing prostate disorders.

Not to mention, these exercises do not pose any side effect compared to when using topical gels or taking drugs. You don’t need to be worried of getting sickened or bear a nasty stomach cramping agony that artificially made penis extension items can give.

The Different Sorts of Exercises to Expand Penis Size:

STROKING. This is a common form of penile exercise, and it is different from masturbation because don’t have to reach orgasm and ejaculate. You hold the pole of your penis to stroke and then slide your hand in an up and down manner until your penis is completely erect. You can utilize an oil to lubricate the rubbing.
JELQING. This is another prominent type of activity to upgrade penile length and bigness. It includes warmly compressing your penis prior to the genuine activity to permit an increased flow of blood and tissue expansion.

Jelqing is done simply by making use of one hand to hold your penis, similar when you do the stroking. Rub your hand from the base of your penis up until you reach the glans then release your grip. Repeat the same procedure at least ten times.

MASTURBATION. Men think that this act is for self-pleasure, but a lot of them do not know that it is one of the most effective exercises to get a bigger penis. Although you are actually pleasuring yourself, the only difference when you do masturbation as an exercise is that you do not ejaculate right away, but you will be withholding your cum for several times before you finally let it out.

The principle behind this is that as more and more semen accumulates on the corpus cavernosum located at pole of your penis; the tissues around it are growing, thus improving the length and thickness of your penis.

CLAMPING. This is considered as a risky form of penis enhancement exercise because it can trap blood that flow on the blood vessels found on the shaft. But still a lot of men are utilizing this method.

Clamping involves that use of a rubber band, a string, or a penis ring that is applied or tied at the base of an erect penis. At that point the man will jerk off until he gets to his climax and after that the ring or any material that he utilized will be removed. The outcome will be a firm and larger penis.

The risk comes when an erect penis is unable to return on its normal size and the ring, or the string cannot be removed. This will bring about extreme vascular narrowing that can diminish oxygen supply to the penis. Accordingly, the penile cells and tissues will be harmed.

Although these exercises can be considered as natural and safe, you still need to consult your doctor before performing any of these. You might be suffering from a certain condition, like reproductive diseases, that does not permit any of these. And when doing an exercise, be sure that you do it properly, or you will end up having an injury in your penis.