How to Stop your Period for a Day

How to Stop your Period for a Day?

Having period on a special and important day such as wedding and interview days can be very disturbing. Periods are known to cause loss of focus, lack of concentration, make one uncomfortable and if it painful can make one feel sick. You can avoid this on your important day by stopping it for a day. Here are the tips and ways on how you can stop your period for a day. [The tips are taken from and wikipedia]

Taking ibuprofen tablets has been scientifically proven to delay and stop period. The prescribed dosage is three ibuprofen tablets every six hours. However, you should not take them on an empty stomach, should not be taken daily and you shouldn’t take more than the prescribed. Before you start using them, please get more advise from your doctor. Ibuprofen inhibits a hormone responsible for smoothening muscles in uterus known as prostaglandin from doing its job. High doses of ibuprofen can cause blood problems such as internal bleeding and internal blood clotting , breathing and digestive difficulties, and puts one prone to ulcers.

Going the natural way aids in controlling the flow of your period. Although it may not completely stop it, it makes the flow light which is easily managed and coped with than a heavy flow. This involves having bath regularly in the course of the day, exercising, drinking a lot of clean water, eating a lot of fruits and drinking some few glasses of their juice, and eating green beans. All this ensures your flow to be light.

Another way on how you can stop your period for a day is by having sex. During sex, the fluids in your body are flushed out faster through orgasmic contractions. This in turn helps one get over the period faster. It is recommended to have it in the morning. This way though is not for everyone, it’s for married couples and if you are unmarried and have to engage in it, play it safe by using contraceptives and condoms.

How to Stop your Period for a Day – Menstrual Cups

For a long time, menstrual caps have been used to hide the period. This is a simple way to stop it. They are fixed above the cervix and prevents the fluid from your body from escaping by catching them. You can also use a tampoon which absorbs fluids flow from your body. They will make you feel comfortable and concentrate with ease on your work. However, they should be replaced with new ones.

How to Stop your Period for a Day – Birth Control

Birth control pills are suitable for married women to aid in delaying periods. Usually one takes contraceptive pills for three weeks and the other week takes placebo pills. The period usually comes in the fourth week. In order to stop a period, you skips taking the placebo pill and continue taking the contraceptive ones. For those who experience a heavy and painful periods, hormonal contraceptives are the best option. Consult your doctor to give a guide in using these pills.

The last but not the least way is by using vinegar, gelatin and herbal remedies to control, delay and stop your period. A solution of water and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day helps to stop the flow. For gelatin, a packet of it mixed with a cup of water stops the flow for three hours. Herbals such as Angelina, lady’s mantle, and garden sage have been found to help in stopping and making the flow light. We must note that vinegar is also a great remedy for pimples, and can help cure acne and other skin issues in a matter of weeks and have qzz in your life.
Applying all these ways on how to stop your period for a day will guarantee you a good day with less worries. Of those involving medications you are not aware of them, please consult your doctor before use. Some can make your period to flow all day and even affect your body health negatively.