A family trip in slovenia


Slovenia is a family vacation experience particularly recommended, because it is a small country, compact and elliptical. In addition, it is very easy to family tours in Slovenia, since the territory (20,000 km) from Israel is even smaller, and as a result it is possible to stay in the center and get anywhere within an hour’s drive on good roads and comfortable. Accordingly Slovenia is especially recommended to go with children, because there is no her long trips too. despite its small size, it is the country most diverse Tours: Slovenia will see beaches, natural springs, caves, lakes, towns, ancient, picturesque villages, snow-capped mountains, castles and even casinos. in addition, it is considered a country of the green world thanks to its forests covering about half of its territory. another point of Slovenia remedies popular destination for families is that unlike its neighbors (Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia), Slovenia has always been a safe place to live and walk around.

In southwestern Slovenia is karst area, known as its stalactite caves, which are especially large in Europe. During a family trip to Slovenia should visit the caves Skotzian (Skocjanske), declared an international heritage site by UNESCO, which flows underground river is impressive and unique. In addition, you should also visit the caves Fustona (Postojnske), which also includes a visit to an underground train ride through them. In addition, the karst area famous for dancing white horses town circulate (Lipica).
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During a family vacation should visit the Castle Frdg’mh (Predjamski) hewn into the rock and you should not give up visit hewn tunnels under it. At the edge of the area is the Adriatic coast with clear waters, beautiful beaches and ancient towns on the shores. The most beautiful town and therefore recommended for family trip is Piran (Piran), a picturesque old town, completely surrounded by water and a winding, narrow alleys. Next to it is a town called Portoroz, perfect family vacation because of the good bathing beaches bustling sports activities.

North of the country, you will find the Lake Bled (Beld) famous, which is a must for any family trips to Slovenia. This is a small lake located in the Julian Alps, there is a small island in its center with an impressive castle, church and bell tower. There area variety of hotels and restaurants (required to eat the cream Schnitt legendary Bled!) And plenty of beaches arranged. In some beaches you can find entertainment and attractions for children, such as water slides, rafts, swings and so on. Additionally, you should go for a family walk in the mall and Intgar (Vintgar Gorge), which is about ten minutes away Bled and includes a walk along the river, across the bridges that cross the water between waterfalls and dense vegetation.
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In northwestern Slovenia, near Bled, there are many trails for families and other tourist attractions, such as the Reserve NK Triglav Kranj (Triglav). This is an impressive national park, you can do it skiing in the winter, and that has a train to Mount Vogel and Lake Bohinj (Bohinj) as well as a variety of hiking trails at all levels from the comfort of families walking: It is recommended to travel waterfall Savitz (Savica).

Families strolling Slovenia should go to the mountain pass and list infolog iw (Versic), one of the most scenic roads in the country and stop observing Ajdovska Deklica (“the Great Fairy”, a kind of character set in stone in the way to the top of the transition). In addition, it is recommended for families to take the train cars Mbohinska Bistritz’h (Bohinjska Bistrica) Sochi na averted (Most Na Soci), a scenic for fifty minutes. Because the train passes through tunnels on its way, it shortens the travel time between the two major tourist areas “Socha Valley-Bled and Bohinj.