How To Stop Your Period Early? – 8 possible ways

Most women feel very uncomfortable during their periods. It’s reasonable. Menstruation causes cramps, back pain and headaches. Apart from the physical discomfort, it also affects the routine and activities of the day.
Generally, for most women the period lasts from three to seven days. Therefore, if it starts during a vacation, it can ruin your travel plans. As it causes inconvenience in numerous ways, most women wish to shorten it.
Here are eight ways to stop your period early.


Having sex during your period may not sound like a good idea, but it is. While having sex or masturbation, the orgasm causes contractions in the uterus. This helps in forcing the fluids out of the body. As a result, the time span of the period shortens, and it ends early.
However, keep in mind that having sex during the period may get a little messy, so you should discuss it before with your partner. Also, it is better to try it in the shower.


Ibuprofen is known to ease the painful feelings of the period. Not only this, it can also reduce the flow by almost 50%. However, always consult your doctor before going for such medications. Generally, taking three to four pills in a day is sufficient to help you during your period. Avoid taking any higher dose than suggested as it can prove to be harmful to your reproductive system.


Physical exercise improves the flow of energy, fluids and blood through the body. Therefore, working out can help to stop your period early. In addition, it can also ease the painful cramps and back pains. Women who regularly work out have shorter periods. On the other hand, those who don’t work out and have excess body fat, experience longer menstruation cycles and higher amount of bleeding. That is why, the women who are overweight face various problems and have longer periods. Keeping yourself physically fit can help you to go through your period comfortably.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea improves blood circulation and promotes the healthy reproductive system. Drinking herbal tea can help during the period by easing the cramps and reducing the fluid flow. Raspberry tea is commonly known for shortening your period by improving natural contraction power of the uterus. However, it is suggested to avoid drinking the raspberry tea in excess as it can lead to lower blood sugar levels. Herbal tea can also help you get rid of hemorrhoids pretty fast. To read about the effect of herbal tea on hemorrhoids and other health issues visit

Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods will not only improve your health but also make your period end early. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can be especially helpful. Green beans are also highly effective for this purpose. Eating red meat increases the heat in the body and, therefore, can help in ending the period quickly. However, you should avoid consuming excess salt because it will lead to fluid retention in your body and may result in delaying your period.


Drinking sufficient water improves the metabolism of the body and keeps you hydrated. Apart from this, it speeds up the fluid flow through the body, and thus, helps in ending the period early. It also relieves the cramping and bloating commonly caused by the menstruation. On the contrary, drinking alcohol or too much caffeine will do you more harm than good by causing more cramps and slowing down the period.


Vinegar can also help you during your periods. Generally, adding a little amount of vinegar in water and drinking it can help to get through the menstruation comfortably. It will be good to drink three glasses of vinegar mixed water throughout the day.

Hormonal Supplements

Contraceptive pills and hormonal supplements are known for avoiding pregnancy. However, they are also helpful in speeding up your period. They cause the menstrual fluids to flow faster and shed the lining quickly. But before taking any such medication, you should always consult your doctor. Also, get the recommendation about the dosage and type of pills you need to take for best results.

The tips mentioned above are helpful to most women for stopping the period early. But every woman has a different body type and, therefore, these tips may work better for some than others. Also, you may have discovered some ways that are particularly helpful in your case only. However, the more you know your body and the way it functions, the better if you want to stop your period early.