5 reasons why finding the best work boots for you is crucial

Buying you next pair of work boots become a very tough decision, due to all the companies that offers brands in the market.  Buying the best work boots is hugely important as it can make the difference between a minor injury and a major one.

There are two major types of work-related injuries that may occur during a work day. The first category includes jamming, cracking, crunching and
cutting. The second category includes injuries caused by slips, falls and falls. This does not necessarily include leg damage, but let’s not forget that a lack of safety plays an important role in avoiding an accident.

Apart from accidents that might happen, we cannot miss out other leg-related problems, that happen over time like tired feet. Although they are not

regarded as accidents at work, they affect a worker whose attention is distracted when he feels tired, distressed or suffering.

Since foot accidents are part of a worker’s everyday life, the best practice would be to identify potential hazards in a workplace. Is the soil slippery or are there sharp edges or loose nails? Are heavy or moving machines

involved? Is electrical voltage involved? Only by recognizing possible dangers can one choose the right work boot. It is also important to remember that by choosing the right safety shoe the worker remains safe from accidents but at the same time comfortable and confident so he performs best in his work.

So when you decide to buy a new pair of work boots, have in mind, that first things first is the safety.

By choosing the right work boot you prevent:

1.. Accidents at work that can hurt your feet.

2. Problems in the feet and in the back due to bad standing posture by wearing non-anatomic shoes.

3. Skin problems caused by improperly ventilated shoes.

4. Injuries due to poor grip on the ankle.

5. Recurring purchases and costs for shoes that cannot withstand harsh conditions.

How to choose the best work boot for you:

It is important that the shoe fits comfortably from day one. Do not pick a tight shoe waiting for it to get loose.

It’s common knowledge that our feet do not always have the same size. Therefore you should always try both shoes and choose the size that suits the best.

Buy shoes late in the afternoon when the feet are slightly swollen from all day’s working conditions.

The insole of the shoe should be one-piece, from the big toe to the end of the heel

Choose a shoe that has a low and wide heel.

Choose a shoe with cords and not a zipper as they are more vulnerable to damage, as long as you always remember keeping your cords tied very well.

Shoes that do not apply properly or need repair will make a serious difference to the feeling of discomfort. Leave your good shoes in the closet of the house and choose a good safety shoe . And remember that all work shoes, both for men and women, whether safety or not, should provide comfort without compromising on safety.